Why do you have a blog?
I like writing.  I like making people laugh.  I get to do a lot of writing at work.  I do not get to do a lot of writing that makes people laugh at work.  This is an outlet for that. 

What is your blog about?
Stuff that I do in my attempt to be a real grownup or, if you will, a functional adult.  Usually, this involves one of the following:
  • Cooking; 
  • Attempting to fix up and/or decorate my old house which has many, ahem, quirky features; 
  • Watching TV more than I should; 
  • Messing around on the Internet;
  • Working at at my job as a lawyer more than I'd like; and
  • Occasional adventures!  Functional adults should have adventures sometimes.  

Who is Husband?
He's this guy I've been on a few dates with.  We haven't labeled anything yet, but I feel really good about where it's going, and I don't want to have to go back and change his pseudonym from "Date" to "Boyfriend" to "Fiance" to "Husband" once we definitely become exclusive, and then engaged, and then married, you know?  

HA!  Wouldn't that be SO CREEPY?  Seriously (and, often, less than seriously), Husband is my husband.

Who is Sassy?
Sassy is my best friend from way back when.  She knows what's up.

Is all this true?
Mostly.  The parts that sound the least plausible are probably the least exaggerated.

When will you actually be a functional adult?
I think my mom will make that call.  But extrapolating from current data, at age 60.  Fingers crossed.

Husband says I will be when I get Social Security.  If that puppy goes under, maybe never.

How often do you update?
Well, there was that one year where I only updated three times.  That was my bad, right there.  I'm now shooting for twice a week.  Seriously.

Is this stuff copyrighted?
You bet it is, kiddo, and the copyright is held by a lady with a law degree who ain't afraid to use it, so ask nicely if you want to reprint and she won't have to uncage the rage.

Are you running out of questions?  Is it harder writing an FAQ than you thought it would be?

Who's piloting the boat?
A green owl.  His name is Captain Owl.

Okay, I just found an article on the Internet and it had some suggestions on what kind of questions and answers I should have in my FAQ.  Here we go.

Who is the blog primarily for?

People who love awesome, frequently sarcastic young ladies and the humorous accounts of their travails.

What makes you an expert?
What makes YOU an expert, hotshot?  Okay, maybe less hostility.  I have been ironically acting my age for my ENTIRE LIFE.

Will you accept pay-for-play?
I don't know what kind of filthy request this is but I will have none of it.

Do you employ an FAQ on your blog? Is it something you would consider?
Who posts this kind of meta-question?  Who wrote these suggestions?

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