Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Functional Adult Gets the WORST Headache

Ways dealing with a headache is different, now that am functional adult:
  • Have own laptop
  • Have husband to bring juice / water / other fluids
  • Do not have mom to bring juice / water/ other fluids.  Or to make special foods of sympathy and concern.
  • Need no one's permission to lay on couch all day, groaning occasionally
  • Have Kindle to attempt to read, rather than old-fashioned book
  • Will have to drive self to doctor and miss work to do so
Ways dealing with a headache is the exact dang same as before was functional adult, legal adult, or imagined adult (i.e. teenager):
  • Head hurts too much to read anything, be it laptop, kindle, or anything
  • Caretaker has additional things to do other than pity me / provide juice
  • Still hate everything and everyone on TV because they are not curing my headache
  • Considering medical feasibility of head transplant
  • Of necessity, whine about headache to whoever out in Internet-land will listen
  • HATE HATE HATE HATE headache

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