Friday, April 25, 2014

Implausibly long hair, plausibly don't care

Upon re-reading yesterday’s post, I realized that it may be considered embarrassing for a grown-up lady professional to be measuring her achievements relative to Disney princesses. I don’t seem like the type of 28-year-old who you would expect to have a closet Disney princess attachment. I didn’t have the early signs: never really liked Lisa Frank, wasn’t a fourteen-year-old who insisted on having glitter pens and replacing standard tittles with hearts, etc.  Even now, my interests include sarcasm, college football, and manliness contests.

But I am not going to apologize for liking Disney princesses. And I do NOT want to hear how they are anti-feminist.  I do not want to hear it because in a world where women’s stories are marginalized and treated as less important, the Disney princess is in fact prioritized as the central character whose existence and actions motivate the whole of the narrative and who play an extremely positive role of simultaneous dynamic change and stabilization/civilization within the context of the film.  In other words, even when a different character is in charge of decapitating the villain, it's the princess who is making the good things happen.

Look, folks, I have an English degree and a fondness for pop culture. I once wrote a 30-page paper on feminine agency and power in Clueless. You don’t want to tangle.  Leave me my princesses.

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