Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better tips for people who would like to talk to women

Dear people thinking of listening to pickup artists: this doesn't work, and as further disincentive to being a jerk to women, keep in mind that this (or worse) might happen to you.  I am an actual woman who has successfully conversed with many human beings, so I am qualified to give you advice.  If you want to talk to women, try any of the following tips instead:
  • "Hey!"
  • Smile at her and ask her what her name is.
  • Try having an interest, and then asking her if she would like to discuss that interest with you
  • If not, ask her if she has an interest.  If so, discuss it with her.
  • "What are your thoughts on the current political situation?"
  • Jokingly complain about something moderately unpleasant about the environment, e.g., "Yikes, this jukebox is pretty loud!"  "It's crowded here tonight!"  "I didn't expect quite so much Miley Cyrus to be playing here, but you take what you get, I guess..."
  • Compliment her hair or earrings.
  • Ask her how she feels about the current weather pattern and/or level of atmospheric pressure.
  • Discuss the most recent victory or loss of a local sports team.
  • Literally anything other words or mouth noises than negging.

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