Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Feel Grownup

Hang around a bunch of graduating high school seniors, none of whom look old enough to possess a locker, much less vote.

Some things that have made me feel old:

  • I joked to one of them that I was 39 and she politely told me that I looked good for my age
  • They don't know any of the classic YouTube videos
  • The toddler that I used to haul around in my arms and play blocks with is now really tall and can pick me up
  • The teens are all so intensely concerned with what other people think is cool and I realized I have almost entirely forgotten how to even analyze that (was never good at it anyway)
But most notably...
  • When I try to talk to them, they all do that awkward eyes-glaze-over stare while responding robotically that I used to do to adults
What has happened??

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