Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Functional Adult at Leisure

I'm between jobs at the moment - by choice; I wasn't fired or anything dramatic like that.  I was instructed by wise peers that true vacations - where you don't have to lie on the beach while keeping on eye on the ol' Blackberry-and-chain - are hard to come by.  So since I'm switching jobs, I thought I'd take a little time off in between.

Folks warned me I would get bored.  To which I respond and submit:  AS IF.  Boredom is for people who do not have games downloaded to their iPhone.  Not working is pretty fantastic, as it turns out.  Not only have I become the most feared pirate on the Spanish main, I am getting all kinds of projects done.  I have gone to the gym - me!  I know!  And I took my shoes to the shoe repair man at long last and made an art project and did the laundry and went to Home Depot regarding to-be-revealed activities.  I returned something at the mall.  I cooked many dinners.  I drove my shopping cart around the Safeway like a boss.  And I made this icebox cake, from this recipe:

At least the plate is pretty.

... though it turned out too spicy even though I cut the cayenne and chili powder in half.  Oh well.

I am also making solid progress on the stack of magazines I've accumulated over the last three months.  I have a real problem with magazines.  Delta told me that all of my miles were going to expire, so I had to spend them.  I tried buying things in their miles-store, since I didn't have enough for a ticket even down the street, but for some reason my miles weren't the kind that worked in their miles-store!  Aaaand the only thing I could get were magazines.  Which means I now subscribe to US Weekly (shut up), Cooking Light, ESPN: The Magazine, and Vogue (in addition to Husband's National Geographic, which I mostly only like to read for the pictures).  

Seriously.  So many.
Cooking Light is great because their recipes are pretty easy and usually tasty; I just eat twice as much of the food as whatever they say one serving is.  ESPN has beautiful photography, but I don't really care what the Devil Rays are up to.  I only read the football articles.  And Vogue makes me feel poorly-dressed and like I ought to be attending Society Functions. 

Which, by the way, if any of you are having a Society Function, I am free to attend.  In case you were wondering.

In any case, it's way too many magazines for a working human being to read. But I'm too... cheap? to throw them away.  So they pile up on top of the TV.  As it turns out, however, it's the right number of magazines for a non-working person!  So if you'd like to know my thoughts on Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions or cap-toed shoes or spice-encrusted tilapia tacos, you may ask.  Because I have acquired said thoughts through the reading of magazines.

So as you can see, I am not bored at all.  And may I mention again?  Gym.  Twice.  IN ONE WEEK.  It's statistically miraculous.  Though I did pull something so hard doing yoga a few days ago that I was convinced I was dying of multiple blood clots in my legs and back.  Apparently all this healthiness isn't agreeing with me - I should stick to being a virtual pirate.  

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